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A look at just some of the work of Church on the Street in April.

Students Graduate on The Exodus Project

More breakthroughs in faith and recovery as the second cohort of students to complete The Exodus Project graduate.

Congratulations to Liz, Sharon, Paul and Danielle, for all their hard work and commitment, yielding such life-changing results. We look forward to seeing them flourish as they continue to work with us on plans for their further development.

The Exodus Project is a ground-breaking recovery programme developed by Bishop Mick and Pastor Emma of Church on the Street, based on their many years experience of addiction, mental health, recovery, and Christian faith.

Applications are now open for The Exodus Project starting in September:

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Raising Awareness of Prisoner Injustice

We continue our campaign to expose the scandalous injustice of Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences (IPPs).

Thomas White was given a 2 year minimum sentence for the non-violent theft of a mobile phone. 14 years later he is still in prison, with no release date. BBC North West Tonight spoke to Thomas’s sister Clara, and Pastor Mick of Church on the Street, about the injustice of IPPs.

Clara described an emotional meeting with David Blunkett, who as Home Secretary introduced IPPs, but now admits he got this wrong. On the psychological impact of IPPs, Mick said, “This is the British Government and the prison system that is complicit in torturing prisoners.”

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A Partnership for Human Dignity

We have been providing many free funerals for people who have passed away in difficult circumstances. We believe this is important for the dignity and respect of the deceased person, as well as for bringing closure for family, friends and loved ones.

Our efforts have been greatly assisted by our partnership with Williams Funeral Services of Barnoldswick. By agreeing to greatly reducing his costs, Funeral Director Mark Williams has enabled us to continue this work.


Dear Heavenly Father, we know that you are always with us, in the good times as well as the bad. Even when we think we do not see you working, you are forever faithful to us. Remind us that we need to make room in our lives to spend time with you, so that we may see your plans, and be comforted by your constant love.

In the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,