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What is the Recovery Academy?

The Recovery Academy provides various opportunities for people who are in active addiction or in recovery who are looking to finally break free from the chains of compulsive behaviours. The Academy consists of various projects created to meet the needs of people who are at various stages of their recovery journey. 

If you are in active addiction recovery and are looking for further support in your journey, fellowship in a community, to challenge yourself, to explore a relationship with Jesus Christ, or feeling a little stagnant in your relationship with God, then the Recovery Academy is for you. See below for the Recovery Academy projects.

If you would prefer a chat with someone please email academy@cots-ministries.co.uk and one of the academy team will be in touch.

The Exodus Project

Over the past year Bishop Mick and Pastor Emma have been developing a groundbreaking recovery programme called the The Exodus Project. The Exodus Project has been born out of their 25 years experience of addiction, mental health, recovery, and journeys in christian faith.

The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project is a recovery group that provides a welcoming and safe space for people who are in active addiction or in the early stages of recovery to find support and fellowship.

The Rooted Project

The Rooted Project is a weekly bible study that provides a welcoming and safe space for people to come together and discuss who God is and what is He like?

The Learning Project

The Learning Project provides free and accessible courses that provide skills for life. Courses range from simple budgeting through to how to manage your mental health. To find out what courses are available and to register please call 01282 222203.

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