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As a result of the feedback from our Exodus Project students and the growth of our ministry here at Church on the Street, we have developed a 6 month course covering basic theological teaching.

The course explores 3 modules, each lasting 6 weeks:

  • Church History
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Social Justice

We believe this is the next step in the church’s discipleship.

This course has been developed from Christian experience, and an understanding of education. We aim to give people a palatable taste of further education in a classroom setting, sharing information that makes scripture more meaningful and easier to understand, with a certificate awarded on completion of the course.

Bishop Michael Fleming is a best selling author, and has written the course. His experience includes 10 years of ministry, a theological degree, and as a teacher of Social Justice at the Nazarene Theological College with Manchester University.

The course will run on Mondays at 7pm, from the 19th of February.