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Losing someone comes with a lot of complexity.

You might find yourself grappling with many challenges alongside your grief, from administration to wills and probate. The last thing you need is for the cost of a funeral to be part of that list, but the reality is that financial hardship is making access to funerals more difficult for people than ever before.

We live in a society where people can’t afford to die. The increased cost of living and escalation in funeral costs means that families are left unable to pay for their loved ones to have ceremonies, which can have a massive impact on their mental health.

Fortunately, there are grants for people who can’t afford a funeral – however, the money is only paid out after the funeral has taken place. Undertakers will not take on the organisation of a funeral without being paid first, which leaves many people in an extremely challenging financial situation. And although these grants are helpful, they also have limitations. Only people who claim certain benefits are entitled to them, and those who claim a state pension aren’t allowed them.

“This option reduces end of life dignity, disrupts the mourning process and leaves little space for proper grieving.”

Those who can’t afford a funeral are left only with the option of a state funeral where no service is held, and the body is cremated. This option reduces end of life dignity, disrupts the mourning process and leaves little space for proper grieving.

At COTS, we work hard to ensure the poor don’t have to suffer. Even if a person has the money to pay for a funeral, I won’t charge to do the service. We must give people the space they need to grieve without the stress of the financial implications. Yet, for as many funerals as we take, people are suffering because of an unjust society that doesn’t serve our communities as they need it. Funerals should be accessible to all. Everyone deserves to grieve and mourn their loved ones.

We’re right here if you need us, as always.


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