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Meet David, one of our volunteers and Next Step to Recovery group member. 

We met David three months ago, after he joined the Next Step group to recover from previous substance misuse problems. Working closely with staff member Anthony Horrocks, David has been doing really well and has attended for over three months now. 

Not long after David started attending the Next Step group, the whole team at COTS started to see a change in him and when he asked if he could lend us a hand unloading deliveries, we couldn’t wait for him to get stuck in. We really appreciated all the help David offered and he became an official COTS volunteer in early June. 

Now David is putting his volunteer skills to use at another organisation alongside COTS, is back in contact with his kids and really enjoys being part of the COTS community. We had a chat with him to understand more about his journey so far. 

“I’d had enough of drugs and wanted to live in the real world”

What brought you to Church on the Street? How did you hear about it? My habit of taking drugs. I heard someone on the streets standing and talking about what help you can get for substance abuse. I was directed to Church on the Street.

What was your life like when you first came to COTS? Life was difficult. I was trying to come off drugs and really down. My self-esteem was low.

And what’s your life like now? Better than before. I’m not using drugs. I got in touch with my kids again and rebuilt trust – I appreciate time with the kids and being more involved with them. I now volunteer here, and somewhere else, so this feels positive. I am grateful. 

What are the reasons why you made this change? I’d had enough of drugs and wanted to live in the real world. 

How did COTS help support you through this change? I couldn’t have done it without COTS and I’m not around as many people who would offer me drugs. 

You’re a member of our Next Step to Recovery group – how have the sessions helped you? Being able to talk about recovery and sharing how I coped with others. Talking about anxiety and how it feels to come off drugs. Praying and meditating helps. I like helping to keep people on track. 

Is it helpful to speak to people who have been through similar situations? Yes, I was in their position a few months back. 

What are your hopes for the future? I just want to be living properly and working. To see my kids more often and have them stay over. I don’t have too many expectations for the future, as you never know what’s around the corner. 

We are so grateful for David and that he is part of the COTS team and is now able to help others in similar situations.

Almighty God, Thankyou for the amazing work that you are doing in David’s life. We pray that you continue to shine your light in him and through him. In Jesus name, AMEN

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