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We are so grateful for everyone’s kind donations to the ministry, although we have had some technical difficulties we are now back on track with regular updates. Since we last spoke to you. Chris Difford from the pop group squeeze, popped in to wish Bishop Mick a happy birthday and ended up serving up a top notch quiche.

Ordination at COTS

It’s been such a busy few months at Church On The Street, since we last spoke we have Ordained 4 people into COTS ministries, sending 2 of our ministers out to work with families and children in the Dominican Republic. The other 2 ministers operate in the NW England.

Baptisms at COTS

With such a rapidly growing ministry we have recently baptized 15 people at COTS in Burnley, some who have completed a project that is very close to our hearts and continues to bare much fruit and leads people into recovery from drug addiction and mental health, The Exodus Project. The last students to graduate from The Exodus Project in December are now on a developmental pathway in the church and have taken leadership roles within our wider church network.

Mick in Africa

In November, Bishop Mick was invited to preach in Africa whilst he was there he was able to set up a network across Africa helping to provide sanitary products for young school girls that did not have access to such resources.

The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project, which is a recovery based programme, has seen  an increase in numbers since it first started, an uncomplicated group that identifies needs and creates a space where you can belong.

The church has identified a huge gap in society for mental health needs and as a result of a profound need within this area we have opened up a space and created the ‘Hope’ group, that helps to prevent suicide and self harm as well as working with complex needs.

Christmas at COTS

We celebrated Christmas day and opened the doors to our people and shared Christmas dinner with over 200 people and we were able to provide presents for 100’s of families and children.

Walk In My Shoes

On the back of Bishop Mick’s best selling book ‘Blown Away’ his new book ‘Walk In My Shoes’ will be released later on this year. Bishop Mick’s book has been translated into French and will be translated into German in September.

What's new

The bible college will be opening its doors on Feb 19th where students can currently access training. The students will sign up for a 6 Month course that consists of 3 modules, the modules are Church History, Theology & Social Justice. We are exceptionally pleased with the level of interest. The first intake being over 40 students enrolled.

The Female Partnership Justice Board will be starting again in Feb and pastor Emma will give a Christian voice into the meeting .

As ever none of this would be possible without your much appreciated prayers and support.


Lord, we thank you for the opportunity to work in the spaces that you create, in the spaces where injustice lives and an opportunity to speak your love and your truth, in Jesus’ name,