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21 Jan 2024

Snakes In The Mind – What lies do you believe?

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According to a dictionary definition snakes are:

  1. Limbless reptiles that have a long body and salivary glands often capable of producing venom which is injected through fangs.
  2. A mean or treacherous person.

I call the lies in my mind “snakes.” They make me a mean and treacherous person full of control and fear and they certainly inject venom. These thought snakes (lies) have developed over many years. Some are huge, some have shed their skin to expand their territory whilst other snakes have hatched and have been growing slowly unnoticed. My mind snakes began growing in childhood when unhealthy words spoken over me became my reality. They crept around in my mind each one with a its own set of self-defeating behaviours. Trauma made a deep path through my mind that became a track of many lies. Fear became my closest friend (deceiver). The lies that develop in our minds from a traumatic past, often take root very quickly and expand. The truth in childhood becomes whatever people you love tell you. They are not always right!

God reveals

Praying one day, God brought to mind a few lies that I had been holding on to. Was I worthless and without hope? Was I really stupid? Was I a fat cow! There were many more! God very quickly started to reveal lies one by one and some of them really hurt!

What are the lies that you have believed about yourself and others?

An effective way to test your thoughts and bring them into line with truth is in the scripture.

Corinthians 10:5 says:

“We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every though captive.”

I love this scripture as I find myself asking Does God call me a Fat Cow? Does he say I am ugly and stupid? Am I worthless ? Does he say that I am alone? Does he say that I am shame? Does he say that I will always be stuck?

NO NO  NO! Those thoughts can be taken captive straight away. God says that I am precious, and he will never leave me or forsake me. God is clear in saying who I am and I’m actually starting to believe him.

The hole

I needed the hole inside me that had been filled with junk and lies to be filled with Jesus and then the lies could be removed slowly and replaced over time. What I mean is that when God revealed Jesus to my heart and mind, I started to believe that he is the only way to navigate life in all its pains and joys. I had been bound for years and needed the revelation that Jesus loved me (and you). He loves us so much and wants to know us forever that he died so we could live free from lies eternally. This was only something that God could reveal. My heart was so hard that it had to be broken down and softened to receive love. Before Jesus, I couldn’t receive love because I had a heart of stone. Some people I met growing up used to say that Jesus is the answer to your problems, and I’d think AS IF! I was brought up Catholic in the seventies and early eighties and heard the message that God punishes. I wasn’t keen on being punished although I did punish myself in many ways. I had to be broken and softened to experience Gods love. I remember the first time someone told me that God loved me to my face. I popped into a local church and sat at the back . The pastor talked about love and that Jesus is with you in your joy and in your suffering. Something broke in me as my heart began to soften.

That was a few years ago. I have seen, heard, and experienced too many things since that day and I’m unable to deny any longer that I’m loved by God. My mind snakes are being renewed daily as I pick up my cross and follow his truth , not my own or other peoples. God is real and he can be trusted. Jesus is the son of God who loves us so deeply that he wants to soften your heart too if you let him. Imagine- The King of the universe wants to love you and teach you how to have a healthy relationship.

I urge you to ask God what your mind snakes are and get around some trustworthy people that know Jesus so that you can continue or begin a journey on the narrow path to living free eternally. Some of my snakes are stingy, but Jesus is with me in the stingy bites. Deuteronomy C31 says “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave or forsake you.” I used to argue with this scripture and think that it can’t be true because I feel alone all the time and God has allowed so much suffering and death in my family. I’ve come to realise that there is a battle in everyone’s minds. As my heart was hardening with hatred whilst pondering this scripture, God showed me pictures in my mind of him with me through all the trauma, loss and rejection that I had experienced. I just didn’t know it. I even argued with God that if Jesus was with me then why didn’t he show me. His answer was “I did show you Sarah, but you couldn’t see me, the lies and blame had already started to grow. I believe that God is always on time even when I don’t like his timing!

God broke into my mind when I asked him, and he sent some weapons to fight the battle. He sent beautiful people around me to tell me all about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He showed me how to take captive the mind snakes and replace them with truth. He shows me when my thinking is faulty and when I need to be honest with others about my thoughts and feelings. This has brought life changing healing for me.

I believe we can choose Gods navigation for our lives or someone else’s snakes . One leads to life, and the other one leads to death. I choose life. What do you choose?

God bless