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Whilst visiting COTS café you may be welcomed by Mandy who is ready to offer a brew, a bite to eat, and a friendly chat. Mandy is one of our amazing volunteers who spends her time helping out in the café, attending Bible studies, and being a caring, supportive friend to others.

“The volunteers and staff at COTS are remarkable, the first day I came in I felt so welcomed. It’s changed my life, I’ve made friends and found a sense of belonging.” 

Recently being Baptised by Pastor Mick was an amazing life changing experience for Mandy. Born and raised by her grandparents in Burnley Mandy’s life hasn’t always been the easiest, from a young age Mandy already understood the challenges that can arise for many people. Her journey became especially tough after experiencing domestic violence. With very little support, she began to face ongoing challenges that resulted in a devastating impact on her mental health. At times both anxiety and depression have left Mandy struggling to leave her own home. However, through support, hope, and putting trust in God she has been able to find a sense of healing and now comes into COTS everyday.

Ever since visiting COTS for the first time she has found continued support, gained a passion to help others, and a deeper faith in God. Mandy is grateful for COTS because it allows her to have a sense of purpose and to help others – something we’re thankful for too!

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